My second solo exhibition titled ‘Avanoa O Tama’ see’s the growth of a previous photographic series titled ‘Jerry The Fa’afafine’. Produced site specifically for Fresh Gallery Otara, this photographic expression of contemporary Pacific masculinity is a series of eight staged portraits that look at themes of identity, masculinity, gender and sexuality. The work also addresses notions of cultural, communal and familial spaces.

Peter + William is the promotional image for the exhibition. These are someof the production stills from the shoot earlier this year.



2 thoughts on “| PETER | WILLIAM |

  1. Anonymous says:

    My friend and I were interested with this photo. I thought the guy in the purple was a straight masculine type of guy because of his tattoo but my friend thought he was a fafa because of the flower on his ear. Very contradicting concepts of how he used those to identify himself or in some ways letting others identify him or perceive him of. I am a fine arts student so I analysed this art piece critically.

  2. tanugago says:

    Indicators of masculine archetype are often predetermined by heteronormative denomination and in most cases by western definitions. While Tattoos are indicative of a hyper masculinity the conceptual framework of these works is to destabilize western heterosexual norms as in a Pacific context they are imposed on our culture and not always natural. Sexual and gender identity in the Pacific is more fluid than in the west. If you see a contradiction it is because they have been put there purposefully to reflect not only dual cultural discourses but also the broader internal conflict of young gay males faced with the challenge of negotiating contemporary cultural spaces.

    Thank you for your question. I hope this help to clarify.


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